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Looking for professional contents pack out and storage services in Los Angeles and Ventura counties? Turn to the pros at FSR for professional and affordable solutions. Call us now at (818) 527-1200 to speak with our honest and friendly restoration specialists.
Many homeowners suffer from property damage and natural disasters each year. There are countless floods and fires across the country. Unfortunately, too few of these property owners have anywhere else to go. Their goods are left in the damaged house. At FSR, we offer comprehensive pack out and inventory services during the restoration process. We can remove your prized possessions from the area, and then return them to you safely when your home is restored. Our team is committed and meticulous when it comes to contents pack out and storage. We label each item removed from your home, including the state and location of the item and add them to your inventory list. Once everything is well and packed away, we move the items to our facility for safekeeping and restoration. Call us today at (818) 527-1200 to learn more about our content pack out and inventory services in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Trust Your Valuable Possessions to Our Team

When it’s necessary to remove contents, we leverage our proven process for inventory purposes, packing, and safely transporting your contents and furniture to a climate-controlled location. Our onsite automated inventory process records each inventory item and tracks the status of your belongings from removal to return. Rest assured that all your cherished items are cleaned, deodorized, and restored by our trained technicians.
When your belongings are in our facility, our experts treat everything with care and caution. Our business is family owned and our owners have been in your shoes before. They understand how stressful this experience can be and will take all necessary steps to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire restoration process.

Why Your Belongings Should be Moved

If your house or place of business has been destroyed by fire, water, or mold, you should remove your things from the affected areas to minimize further damage and accelerate the restoration process. When a fire calamity strikes your home or place of business, the lingering smoke and soot can permanently taint, etch, or corrode your belongings. If enough time passes, water damage disasters can wreak havoc on your belongings, especially if mold begins to bloom. With extended contact to water and excess moisture, clothing, upholstered furniture, and other soft goods can become irreparably destroyed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contents Pack Out and Inventory Services

What Is Content Pack-Out and Restoration?

Content Pack-Out and Restoration is the final phase in the flood and fire damage restoration process wherein restoration companies will pack out your damaged belongings. At FSR, we have expert technicians that will carefully inventory and pack your items. We will evaluate the items that are damaged. We will determine whether the contents are salvageable or can be cleaned. We then use the Premier Pack Out Software program to document all items and give you a detailed report with pictures of all of the contents that we remove from your home. After your home is fully restored, we then will bring all of the items that were placed in our climate control warehouse, and place it back to your home or business in order.

How Are Fire and Flood Damaged Items Restored?

The cleaning method used depends on the item. For instance, items sensitive to water are usually hand-washed while fire-damaged garments require a specialized form of dry cleaning. As for fire-damaged jewelry, restoration companies will use ultrasonic cleaning to remove soot. (The sonic vibrations can remove soot from jewelry without damaging it).

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Don’t trust your valuables to just any company—you deserve expert content services you can rely on. FSR offers best-in-class comprehensive contents inventory, pack out, and pack back services. We work with homeowners, restoration contractors, and insurance companies to ensure your items are cared for every step of the way. Give us a call today at (818) 527-1200 to schedule a service appointment.
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We had an overflow from our upstairs bathroom to our bottom and our plumber recommended that we work with FSR. I called and they came over the same night and started work out in the SGV. Super reliable and easy to work with. We were first time home owners so really unsure what to do but they helped us get everything done. They even helped us work with our home owners insurance. Super knowledge and do great work.
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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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