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Fast, Professional Storm Damage Repair Services in Los Angeles, CA and Surrounding Areas

From flooded basements to damaged rooftops, the weather can wreak havoc in a variety of ways. When faced with the aftermath of a storm, it can be difficult to know where to start. FSR offers full wind and storm damage repair services for that same reason. We provide homeowners with peace of mind throughout their most chaotic times. From the initial phone conversation to the final inspection, your home will be in the care of seasoned professionals who will work diligently to restore it to its original condition. Give us a call today to request a free estimate or schedule a service appointment.

We Act Fast to Cleanup and Repair Your Property

When a storm or wind-related disaster strikes your home or place of business, the damage has only begun. Damage occurs due to continued exposure to the elements and sometimes vandalism. Additional damage can also occur due to burst pipes, electrical problems, etc. Objects damaged by water and smoke can quickly become unsalvageable if prompt and effective action is not taken.
At FSR, we understand the importance of working quickly. A prompt response is our top priority. We work quickly to mitigate your loss and prevent further damage to your home or business. We recognize that homeowners, insurance companies, and businesses desire professionals who can save as many items as possible with minimal disturbance.
We provide prompt response, an exact quotation, and thorough cleanup and mitigation services. Each task is completed with the utmost professionalism. Don’t allow your business or property to become a casualty during a natural disaster such as high winds, storms, or flooding. FSR offers a comprehensive spectrum of storm repair and emergency response services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Process

At FSR, we are quick to respond but thorough in assessing damage. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll inspect your property top to bottom to uncover the less obvious damage such as mold and other biological hazards so we can decontaminate and deodorize your home.
When you call us, we will quickly dispatch our team to make an initial assessment and develop a plan of action. Our team works off a comprehensive checklist to determine how the storm impacted your property. This includes inspecting the structure, window, siding, gutters, as well as the electrical system and major appliances.
Once we get the full picture, we will create a customized action plan. This is the plan that our restoration specialists adhere to in order to mitigate all types of damage, from structural problems to mold growth and pollution. You may rest assured that you will receive a comprehensive service tailored to your property and circumstances.
No matter what kinds of damage your home sustains, our professionals will restore it the way you remember it: a clean, healthy and safe environment for you and your loved ones.

We’re Ready to Help!

At FSR, we understand that storm damage is unexpected and that this can be an incredibly stressful time. Our caring and compassionate team will be there to help you, offering guidance and support while your property is being repaired. If the loss is covered by insurance, we will work directly with your insurer to streamline the claims process and speed up repairs. We are here to serve you – our priority is to provide the best service and experience possible.
Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA


Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA
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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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With our many years of property experience, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with the most reliable, efficient, and trustworthy team available. Why go through the hassle of searching for a restoration company that will suit your needs when you have more important things to worry about? Call FSR today and we will bring you back to normalcy in no time!


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Our goal is to provide world-class property restoration and cleaning services in Los Angeles County and Ventura County.


Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA


Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA
Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

Andrew W.

Los Angeles, CA

Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA
We had an overflow from our upstairs bathroom to our bottom and our plumber recommended that we work with FSR. I called and they came over the same night and started work out in the SGV. Super reliable and easy to work with. We were first time home owners so really unsure what to do but they helped us get everything done. They even helped us work with our home owners insurance. Super knowledge and do great work.
Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA
Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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Four Square Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

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Whether your property has sustained water, fire, smoke, mold, biohazard contamination or even structural damage that needs to be mitigated, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at FSR. We will listen to your needs and inspect your property and perform the necessary restoration services quickly and effectively. When it comes to being ready for any situation, FSR has done it all.
You can be sure that when we respond to your emergency, you have the best team on your side.

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